Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hello there

My name is Daniel, and this right here? It's my blog. Aren't I current. Maybe I'll end up twitting too (not really). Basically, this blog will exist to be a home of ramblings, rants, and random thoughts. If I use this as much as I hope too, expect many multi-paragraph long winded rants about insanely serious subjects, all the way down to why Twilight is a curse against humanity and thoughts on the St. Louis Blues prospects playing in a hockey league you've never heard of. Oh, and I'll probably post the occasional list of song lyrics of something that is stuck in my head at the moment. It would also be great if I could figure out why pressing enter doesn't start a new paragraph like I was hoping, because if I can't start a new paragraph, said rants are gonna be impossible to read.

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